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**Special Offer on Airwear Crizal Prevencia lenses for under 16's**

**Special Offer on Airwear Crizal Prevencia lenses for under 16's**

Opticians are increasingly concerned with the level of damaging UV and blue-violet light Children are being exposed to.

To reduce this exposure, we are offering an upgrade on children's prescription spectacles from the standard lens to the Airwear Crizal Prevencia UV lens. This lens blocks both harmful UV as well as reducing their exposure to  Blue-Violet light emitted by tablets, LED screens and smart phones.

The cost of this upgrade starts from £20 plus the NHS voucher - in addition, if you opt for this upgrade for your child you can purchase a  pair of prescription sunglasses at 50%Off RRP.

For more information call either 01427 661505 or 01522 686200 and ask to speak to a Dispensing Optician about the Crizal Prevencia offer.

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